‪#‎SOLSOFNYC‬’s Katie Yip is the Movement Maven. When some New Yorkers are moving too fast to slow down, Katie is teaching others how to relax, stretch, and breathe in her Pilates classes. 

Coming from an athletic background, Katie is driven to find a potent balance between health and performance. She began her training with Chris Robinson at S6 Fitness in San Diego, and then completed her apprenticeship under Brooke Siler and Cary Regan at re:AB Pilates in NYC. 

When asked if she’s a mover or a shaker? “Mover – Teaching people how to move in their day is what I do!”

Using the letters that make up SOLS, Katie describes herself as
S: Smart
O: Optimistic
L: Lively
S: Sincere

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