Rolli Blog: Passion for Pilates

Article written for Rolli Blog by Roll Mobile App

Last year, Women’s Health Magazine set out on a nationwide search for the Next Fitness Star: a trainer with a fresh fitness philosophy, strong fitness aptitude, and a magnetic personality to help motivate and inspire people to get in the best shape of their lives. The campaign drew in thousands of applicants and was noted for its huge success in revitalizing fitness as something everyone could come to love and enjoy.

Meet this year’s 2014 next fitness star finalist, Katie Yip.  

Katie focuses on classical Pilates which remains as close as possible to Joseph Pilate’s original work regarding exercise positions and order of execution. Pilates emphasizes strength with stretch and control particularly via the lengthening of the body in opposite directions. It teaches the use of the core and serves as a good foundation for stability and precise yet flexible movement. “Often times, the spine and the body undergo compression throughout the day as we go about our daily tasks. Pilates helps to stretch and realign the body which drastically improves proper circulation and overall health,” Katie says. “Because Pilates is a solid foundation for fitness, coordination, and full range of movement, it acts as a great compliment for the conditioning of any other sport.” As a contestant, she aims to empower everyone through exercise so they can become the strongest version of themselves, and to inspire others by sharing the teachings and philosophies of the Pilates method.

Katie began her training with Chris Robinson at SSC Gym in San Diego, and then completed her apprenticeship under Brooke Siler and Cary Regan at re:AB Pilates in NYC. She is a graduate of the University of California San Diego where she earned her BS in Physiology & Neuroscience. Katie is currently a Masters Candidate in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology at Columbia University. Her post graduation plans involve returning to the Bay Area and opening up her own Pilates studio while promoting awareness of the benefits of Pilates.

Check out her website or vote for her here in support of the next fitness star!